My First Month as a Mother of Twins

The Birth

I decided to have a c-section instead of trying for a natural birth.  Although a part of me wanted to try for a natural birth my husband and family members convinced me that a c-section was a safer route when it comes to twins.  If I had been pregnant with only one baby, I would not… Continue reading The Birth

The Gender Reveal

I love parties!  I am a true believer that you need to enjoy all the little moments and you need to celebrate as much as you can.  When I heard of all the gender reveal parties that people were starting to do, I knew Edward and I had to have one for our twins. Our… Continue reading The Gender Reveal

The Pregnancy

I absolutely cannot complain about my pregnancy because it was very easy.  I never threw up or felt nauseous, I never had any food cravings or aversions, I always felt great. The only thing I did experience was lots of acid reflux, so okay, I guess I can selfishly complain a little.  Also, I didn’t get… Continue reading The Pregnancy

It’s TWINS!!

On the morning of the day of our first sonogram Edward and I were talking on the phone while I was driving to work.  We couldn’t wait to go to our first sonogram and I told him how exciting  it would be if I were pregnant with twins.  He asked me if I thought it was possible… Continue reading It’s TWINS!!

Telling our Families

I wanted the BIG reveal to be special, I wanted it to be memorable.  With Easter around the corner I knew it would be a great opportunity as our families would already be together and no one would suspect anything.  I created little Easter Baskets that I gave out to each family member.  I explained… Continue reading Telling our Families